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Digital RMB becomes the new darling of capital market

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Digital RMB has become a "new favorite" in the capital market, and its application scenarios continue to expand, which is expected to drive hundreds of billions of investment
Source: Securities Times net
Original title: Digital RMB has become the "new favorite" of the capital market, and its application scenarios continue to expand, which is expected to drive hundreds of billions of investment
As the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is approaching and the digital RMB pilot application scenarios continue to expand recently, the digital RMB APP, which has been online for less than a month, continues to see increasing downloads in many mainstream mobile phone brand application markets.
According to the statistics of securities Times · E Company, as of January 28, huawei app market has been downloaded 13.05 million times; Vivo app market has been downloaded 10.68 million times; Xiaomi's app market has been downloaded 5.07 million times; The OPPO app market has been downloaded 1.78 million times, and the four stores have been downloaded more than 30 million times.
Behind this set of data can be regarded as the rapid landing of digital RMB in the consumption pilot scenario. From the perspective of industry, Essence Securities Research report is even more blunted, only from the commercial bank side of the infrastructure and system reconstruction estimated, the whole digital RMB transformation is expected to drive a total of 116.5 billion investment scale.
Digital currency concept listed companies have also become the focus of investors. According to the reporter statistics, nearly three months, in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange interactive platform, investors involved in digital RMB questions up to 861, and the Shanghai Stock Exchange E interaction involving digital RMB issues also more than 100, digital RMB heat can be seen. In the secondary market, WIND data shows that the digital currency index has risen more than 36% at its highest in the past three months, and has risen 21% in total despite the correction in the broader market in recent days. In terms of individual stocks, new Cape (300248) rose more than 91%, Hengbao (002104) rose 51%, Xinguo (300130), HailianJinhui (002539) Winshisheng (300377) and other stocks rose more than 30%.
However, there are also industry insiders on the digital currency concept stocks hint of risk. "The rise of the digital currency sector is mainly benefited from the digital RMB, the digital RMB is about to enter the stage of full implementation, it is expected that the Winter Olympics will be the last round of new scene pilot, and the full implementation is also expected to change the current payment industry format, for related sectors to enhance the performance imagination space, thus promoting the stock rise. Investors should pay attention to the risks of stocks with large early gains." Zhongnan University of Economics and Law digital Economy Research Institute executive dean Pan Helin told reporters.
Pilot scenarios continue to expand
With the countdown to the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the Approaching Spring Festival in the Year of the Tiger, there are frequent reports of the rapid implementation of digital RMB in the pilot application scenarios. On January 18, the State Information Office held a press conference on 2021 financial statistics and disclosed a set of data. By December 31, 2021, more than 8,085,100 digital RMB pilot scenarios had been opened, 261 million personal wallets had been opened, and the transaction amount was 87.565 billion yuan. The pilot has effectively verified the technical design, system stability, product ease of use and scene applicability of digital RMB business, and enhanced the public's understanding of the design concept of digital RMB.
This means that since 2021, the construction of the digital RMB scene has been accelerated and its coverage has been continuously expanded online and offline. It is reported that the People's Bank of China has launched digital RMB pilot programs in Shenzhen, Suzhou, Xiongan, Chengdu, Shanghai, Hainan, Changsha, Xi 'an, Qingdao, Dalian and the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, basically covering the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, central, western, northeast, northwest and other regions.
It is worth mentioning that the Winter Olympic Games will be a new opportunity for the comprehensive promotion of digital RMB. Guotai Junan Research newspaper believes that the Winter Olympics are approaching, digital currency may be further catalyzed. The pilot project will focus on areas within the security red line for the Winter Olympics, with the main goal of ensuring and facilitating payment choices for domestic and foreign consumers. In addition to mobile APP wallets, foreign consumers can also use digital yuan hardware wallets, and the large-scale trial is expected to be an opportunity to promote the full use of digital yuan.
At present, the landing of digital RMB in the Beijing Winter Olympics is a bright spot. By the end of 2021, Beijing has opened more than 12 million digital yuan personal wallets and 1.3 million public wallets, covering more than 400,000 scenes of the Winter Olympics including food, accommodation, travel, tourism, shopping, entertainment and medical services, with a transaction value of 9.6 billion yuan, according to the Beijing Financial Regulatory Bureau on January 26.
Zhou Maohua, macro-researcher of financial Market Department of Everbright Bank, told the Securities Times that digital RMB application scenarios are expanding, mainly digital RMB technology continues to mature, related infrastructure is also constantly improving, laying a solid foundation for the promotion of digital RMB application scenarios; At the same time, to accelerate the promotion of digital RMB objectively requires digital RMB to continuously enrich the application scenarios, so that people can use it and truly feel the experience of using digital RMB.
The use experience of this pilot scenario is also reflected in local life and e-commerce consumption platform. On January 26, Meituan announced that it would open the digital RMB payment channel for all offline consumption scenarios on its platform, covering more than 200 offline consumption scenarios including catering, takeout and fresh retail. recently added a new online consumption scene to its App, allowing users to make payments using the digital YUAN "hardware wallet", which has already enabled third-party merchants to access the digital yuan system.
On the other hand, with the continuous expansion of digital RMB application scenarios, the number of digital RMB APP downloads continues to rise.
The digital RMB APP was launched in major APP stores on January 4 this year. In less than a month, the number of digital RMB APP downloads in the APP market of many major mobile phone brands has achieved an important breakthrough. According to the reporter's statistics, as of January 28, huawei's app market has been downloaded 13.05 million times. Vivo app market has been downloaded 10.68 million times; Xiaomi's app market has been downloaded 5.07 million times; The OPPO app market has been downloaded 1.78 million times, and the four stores have been downloaded more than 30 million times.
Pan Helin told the Securities Times that the time node of the full implementation of digital RMB is approaching, especially before the digital RMB APP is put on the shelves of major application stores, although it is still in the pilot, but it is obvious that the pilot of digital RMB is nearing the end, digital RMB speeds up and the combination of application scenarios, On the one hand, it provides more practical experience for the full implementation of digital RMB in the future. On the other hand, it also achieves popularization in pilot areas through the combination of application scenarios.
Broad application prospect
Digital RMB is the legal tender of digital form issued by People's Bank of China. The significance of developing digital currency in China is self-evident.
In Zhou Maohua's opinion, according to the statement of the Central bank, digital RMB will mainly replace M0 in the future, that is, the electronic paper currency in circulation; And it is expected that the digital yuan and paper currency will coexist for a long time. "The development of the digital RMB is mainly to meet the internal needs of the development of the domestic digital economy; At the same time, improve economic efficiency and give full play to the universal benefits of digital currency. "Digital RMB has the advantages of being green, safe and reliable, convenient and quick, reducing transaction costs and improving transaction efficiency, and helping prevent money laundering."
"The purpose of the digital yuan is mainly to restore some cash transactions." Pan Helin believes, "Objectively, there will be consideration of RMB internationalization in the future, as well as consideration of expanding the use of payment functions in the new scenarios combined with the new scenarios. "At this stage, however, it is important to restore some of the functions of cash transactions because of the lack of use of cash due to its decreased convenience in the digital age."
Despite the rapid development of digital RMB in the pilot area, some industry insiders believe that compared with traditional electronic payment methods, the overall proportion of digital RMB payment is relatively small, and the dependence formed by traditional payment methods may restrict the promotion of digital RMB.
Li Lihui, head of the blockchain research team of the Internet Finance Association of China and former president of the Bank of China, publicly said that from the transaction scale, the digital RMB plate is still small and the application scope is still very limited, which also shows that the application prospect of digital RMB is very broad in the future. "For the digital renminbi to fully reflect its social and economic value, it must be scaled up. The premise of scale has two aspects: one is the standard of the underlying technology, and the other is the popularization of application scenarios."
"There are two main aspects that determine the success or failure of the digital RMB. Security is realized through technology accumulation, and convenience is realized through scene fusion and open interface. "Security includes both anonymity and control, such as scene transactions, and anonymity protects personal information. The other point is convenience, including the convenience of users, especially the convenience brought by the integration of many scenarios, but also the convenience of scene access. Digital RMB payment should be open, not limited to existing scenarios."
In terms of technology, Pan and Lin also believe that the digital RENMINBI should be based on the long-term technical layout. "Since it is difficult to reverse the trading rules after the formal implementation of the digital RMB, the technical aspect must be once and for all and the technical layout should be based on the long-term. In the pilot area, with the launch of the DIGITAL RMB APP, the scope of the pilot area should be expanded as soon as possible, so that more people can participate in the pilot. It is also a test on the technical level to see the bearing capacity of the digital RMB to cope with payment."
Zhou Maohua pointed out that in the future, digital RMB technology should be constantly improved, and people's experience of the safe, efficient and convenient use of digital RMB will be constantly enriched, and the depth and breadth of application scenarios will be enhanced accordingly. "Considering the innovation of digital RMB scenarios, the application scenarios covered by digital RMB will cover the application scenarios of paper currency. Increase the popularization of digital RMB knowledge, constantly improve technology, encourage businesses to innovate application scenarios, improve the use experience; At the same time, the digital RMB anti-counterfeiting supervision will be strengthened."
Indeed, officials have pointed the way for the next step in the development of the digital yuan. The People's Bank of China's financial market department chief priests Zou Lan said publicly in the near future, the next step will continue to push forward with the safe digital research and development of the pilot, the further deepening in the retail trade, life expends, e-government service scenarios such as pilot use digital yuan, the number of the yuan development pilot arrival to service the real economy and the people life, More enterprises and individuals can feel the value of digital RMB, and fully stimulate the enthusiasm of all parties in the industry.
Investor focus
With the continuous deepening of digital RMB pilot and scenarios, relevant fields will usher in an industrial revolution, and investment opportunities in the secondary market also attract high attention of the market.
According to the reporter statistics, since nearly 3 months, in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange interactive platform, investors involved in digital RMB questions up to 861, and the Shanghai E interactive digital RMB issues also more than 100, digital RMB heat can be seen.
From the secondary market, the recent period of time, digital currency plate or the top. In the past three months, the digital currency index has risen more than 36 per cent at its peak, according to Wind data. Despite the correction in the broader market in recent days, the index has also risen 21 per cent. In terms of individual stocks, the cumulative increase of New Cape has exceeded 90%, and that of Huobao has increased by 51%. The cumulative increase of Xindu, Hailian Jinhui and Winshisheng has also exceeded 30%.
In Zhou Maohua's view, the rise of digital currency plate is mainly the market to accelerate the promotion of digital RENMINBI expectations. "At present, the domestic digital RMB is also a pilot application, it is expected that after the application of the Winter Olympics, the digital RMB is expected to enter the full promotion period. And the market is optimistic about the promotion of digital RMB will be good for the upstream and downstream industry chain enterprises."
It is worth noting that the digital currency industry chain is long, and it is generally believed that the promotion and construction process involves system construction, software and hardware wallet, payment and receipt, security and encryption, and some brokers predict that it will drive investment in related fields of more than 100 billion yuan.
According to the research report of Essence Securities, the digital RMB industry includes system transformation manufacturers on the bank side, financial equipment enterprises, converged payment manufacturers, encryption algorithm providers and enterprises related to application scenarios. "We only estimate from the commercial bank side of the infrastructure and system transformation, the whole digital RMB transformation is expected to drive a total investment scale of 116.5 billion yuan, including ATM transformation market 50.7 billion yuan, smart counter machine market 11.4 billion yuan, POS market 19.2 billion yuan, hard wallet market 33.9 billion yuan, bank IT system transformation market 1.3 billion yuan."
"The biggest change in digital RMB is related to all aspects of payment, while digital RMB involves the transformation and upgrading of all aspects of the banking system to support the development of relevant payment business." Yu Xin Technology (300674) assistant president, GENERAL manager of research and development center Shen Bo said in an interview with securities Times · E company reporter.
In Shen's opinion, digital RMB involves four links: first, the central bank is responsible for the issue link; Ii. Nine banking institutions are responsible for the operation of digital RMB; 3. Cooperative operation institutions include commercial banks and non-bank payment institutions; 4. Consumption link.
The transformation of related industries also brings certain development opportunities to related listed companies. Take Yuxin Technology as an example. The company recently disclosed on the interactive platform that Yuxin technology positioned itself as an application software developer and participated in the second, third and fourth links of digital RMB in the past two or three years, especially in the second and third links.
Shen Bo also told reporters that Yuxin technology has its own unique advantages in the development of digital RMB, including the company's deep participation in the construction of digital RMB operation of several large banks, and has begun to help several small and medium-sized banks in the access end and payment end to provide solutions. In 2022, the company will further integrate resources and increase the scheme research and product r&d of digital RMB in all business lines.
In addition to the bank IT system transformation, hardware equipment field and digital encryption and other industries are also attracting investors' attention.
In terms of financial instruments, Broadcasting express (002152) said on the interactive platform on January 27 that the company's digital RMB smart ATM supports a variety of functions such as opening personal digital wallet, issuing hard wallet and top-up withdrawal. Among them, the digital RMB hard wallet is mainly physical card type, supporting dual offline payment, using the method is similar to the bus card, convenient for the elderly and children who cannot carry mobile phones.
In terms of data encryption, principal Century (688201) recently said in the interactive platform, digital currency is one of the many application scenarios of the bank, the company's products are applicable to protect the security of digital currency, from the open bidding website can be checked, the company won the bidding of The Bank of Beijing digital currency project signature server and other information.
"Digital RMB as alternative M0, the pilot scenario has been expanding wai, the future of the entire business ecological impact remains to be seen, but from the perspective of the industrial chain with digital renminbi pilot and spread steadily, to positive number RMB upstream and downstream industry chain, such as digital authentication, encryption technology, system reformation, payment transaction terminal equipment, etc." Zhou Maohua told reporters.
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  原标题:数字人民币成资本市场“新宠”,应用场景不断扩围 ,有望带动千亿投资




  数字货币概念上市公司也成为投资者关注的焦点。据记者统计,近三个月以来,在深交所互动平台上,投资者涉及数字人民币的提问多达861条,而上交所e互动涉及数字人民币的问题也超过百条,数字人民币热度可见一斑。 在二级市场方面,WIND数据显示,近三个月以来,数字货币指数最高涨幅超过36%,虽然经历了大盘近几日的调整,但该指数累计涨幅也高达21%。个股方面,新开普(300248)累计涨幅超过91%,恒宝股份(002104)涨幅为51%,新国都(300130)、海联金汇(002539)赢时胜(300377)等累计涨幅也都超过30%。



  伴随着北京冬奥会开幕式进入倒计时以及虎年春节将至,数字人民币在试点应用场景快速落地的消息频出。 1月18日,国新办举行2021年金融统计数据新闻发布会披露了一组数据,截至2021年12月31日,数字人民币试点场景已超过808.51万个,累计开立个人钱包2.61亿个,交易金额875.65亿元,试点有效验证了数字人民币业务技术设计及系统稳定性、产品易用性和场景适用性,增进了社会公众对数字人民币设计理念的理解。

































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