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Finance and Economics

Finance and Economics (1)

Industry professionals interpret the market for you, calm and rational reports combined with the latest network technology to provide you with timely, convenient and professional information services.

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Shanghai Beach World Trade and business discussion

Shanghai Beach World Trade and business discussion

Capture all kinds of market opportunities at home and abroad, use all kinds of business operation methods, carry out overall business planning, investors and participants to implement business planning, expand the market. Industry research, industry survey, market analysis, survey statistics, enterprise diagnosis, process reengineering, enterprise restructuring, human resource management and enterprise culture construction help enterprises accelerate the digital transformation of facilities.

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cultural exchange

cultural exchange

Cultural exchange is a prerequisite for trade. Many people say that it is difficult to deal with foreigners. What's the difficulty? If you can understand their ethnic and national cultural background, history, customs, language, so, the communication between you is half the battle!

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Education and Training

Education and Training (1)

Contents include: K12 guidance, infant education, interest guidance, national vocational qualification training and other projects. In the future, the training market will shift from the current trainer-oriented market to a more trainees oriented market, and the training focus will be based on the actual needs of enterprises. Finally, enterprises and professional training institutions will form a partnership to jointly seek training-related solutions.

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Lifestyle space

Lifestyle space (2)

Shanghai people's life and fashion space: life square, the forefront of fashion, mommy and baby, convenient service for you, me and him

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The leisure entertainment

The leisure entertainment

Ordinary people gossip when they are free. What tsunami, flood is not my saliva big! Novels, movies, music... Let you relax!

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Suburban rural leisure

Suburban rural leisure

Huating Town, Jiading District, Shanghai is a "national agricultural development leading area and high-tech agricultural science and technology research and development base, agricultural production service area in Yangtze River Delta region, Shanghai and the surrounding region characteristic tourism and leisure area". Organically combine the offline physical agriculture and leisure tourism sites with the online "agricultural products mall + rural leisure tourism platform", making it a very-deserved "natural ecological agricultural products trading market" in Shanghai and "guide center" for rural leisure tourism in Huating.

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Shanghai real estate

Shanghai real estate

WTO Real estate Forum focuses on real estate development, commercial housing sales, second-hand housing sources, real estate rental, real estate guide and other functions. It is the compass of real estate transaction and development.

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Household decorates

Household decorates

Shanghai Home, home decoration. Home decoration topic, home decoration preferential information, home decoration treasure book, home decoration dribs and drabs revealed. Home environment design, furniture market information.

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IT technology exchange

IT technology exchange

Computer technology, programming technology, network application, server technology and other exchange area. Computer games, online games, combat games. Game secrets, game decryption, game plugins. The latest and hottest online game.

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Forum integrated services

Forum integrated services

Forum general management affairs area, new members to report everywhere, post bamboo application, at the same time also welcome guests to put forward valuable comments on this site.

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