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Old community to install elevator "new scheme" to come!

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Old community to install elevator "new scheme" to come! The sixth floor no longer objected, and the first floor was satisfied

The number of old residential areas in China is really quite large. According to official statistics, the number of old residential areas built before 2000 has reached 219,000. The youngest of these buildings are at least 22 years old, and they may already have all sorts of problems.
For example, peeling walls, structural damage or aging of pipes such as water and electricity, the quality of life for the residents of these communities is greatly reduced. Therefore, in order to solve this problem, China began to transform these old residential areas in 2019, which has greatly improved the comfort level of residents.
Today, the old reform is still going on, and from the current situation, the old reform is going very well.


Over 110,000 residential areas have been renovated in 2 years
Back in 2021, China promised to renovate 53,000 old residential areas by 2021, but the target has already been met and "exceeded" by 2022, according to the latest data released by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development on Monday.
Statistics show that by the end of December 2021, the number of old residential complexes under construction nationwide has reached 55,600, benefiting 9.65 million households. In terms of provinces, The number of old residential areas actually started in Sichuan province in 2021 is as high as 6,254, which is also "overfulfilled".


From 2019 to the end of 2021, a total of 114,000 residential areas have been renovated, benefiting more than 20 million households. It can be seen that for the vast majority of residents, the old reform is absolutely a "welfare" to improve their lives.
Moreover, the distance from the 219,000 community target, has now completed more than half, according to the official statement, in the "14th five-year" period, China's old reform task will be completed. However, the old reform work, in fact, there are difficulties, the transformation of a community, residents disagree is a great "obstruction".


The dilemma of installing an elevator
In particular, it is difficult to install elevators. Originally, the old building installation elevator can be said to be the old renovation project, the biggest welfare. Not only let the residents of high floors travel convenient, and even for the rise of housing prices, there is a certain positive effect.
Unfortunately, many places throughout the country but frequently due to high and low floor opinion disagreement and lead to the installation of the elevator can not be carried out, because for the residents of low floors, the installation of the elevator is also a lot of "bad".
First of all, the installation of the elevator is related to the residents of the whole building. The higher floors are convenient, but the lighting and ventilation of the lower floors have been affected. After all, the old community before 2000, the vast majority are not reserved elevator Wells, to add the elevator can only be installed in the outer wall.


The daylighting itself of the first floor is whole building worst, now much a building "keep out", the resident of low floor does not agree to install naturally.
Secondly, although the old change has financial subsidies, add the elevator also have, but still need residents to give a part of the money. If the total amount is evenly divided, it is very unfair to the residents of low floors. After all, the second and third floors themselves do not need to use the elevator as the fifth and sixth floors.
Finally, the installation of elevators may directly lead to the "devaluation" of the prices of the lower floors, so many first-floor residents are firmly opposed to the installation of elevators. Generally speaking, these problems have become the biggest "obstacle" to install the elevator. If not solved, the convenience of the elevator will not be enjoyed by residents.


However, various areas are now "brainstorming", a variety of new schemes appear, but also let many low-floor residents loose agreement.
Under the new scheme, the problem can be solved
Plan 1: "bus elevator". At present, there are many areas to install the elevator are using this way, of course, can also be called "shared elevator". Is the elevator investment in addition to subsidies, residents do not need to contribute a penny, all by the elevator company or other companies contract.
However, in the process of using the elevator, residents need to charge per time. In some areas, how much money is used once? Perhaps the card "package", "package year". Some areas charge according to the floor, the higher the floor, the higher the charge, so as to directly solve the problem of unfair price.


Plan two: cash compensation. Although 1 floor need not pay to install the elevator, but the impact of the low floor after the installation of the elevator is really exist, so many areas have a high floor "compensation" low floor plan, guangdong before the transformation of a community, the high floor compensates 1 floor residents 50,000 yuan.
In this way, the sixth floor did not object, the first floor agreed, and the elevator can be installed smoothly. However, whether it is the "bus elevator", or the high floor to the low floor compensation, in fact, are not perfect, in the installation of the elevator, there will still be a lot of disputes, at this time only because of the different, these two schemes, is not necessarily suitable for all the community.
Do not know what kind of solution we think can solve the problem of installing the elevator? If you are the residents of the lower floor, will the elevator be installed? Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.
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