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"Recruit talent jinbao, spring breeze send guard"

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The annual salary of these positions is above 200,000 yuan! Baoshan held the activity of "Live broadcast with Guard" to "recruit talents and advance treasure"

"Recruit just jinbao, spring breeze to send guard". Yesterday, the city's first post-holiday "live post" activity kicked off in Baoshan, 50 enterprises competed to provide more than 1,000 jobs.
Special period does not gather, meet live broadcast room, at home can apply for jobs. It is understood that the more than 1,000 jobs are mainly from Shanghai Baoshan High-tech Industrial Park, North Shanghai Biomedical industrial Park and other industrial parks in the science and technology enterprises. Shanghai Platypus Network Technology Co., LTD., Shanghai Elton Medical Equipment Co., LTD., Guoshen Optoelectronic Technology (Shanghai) Co., LTD., and other well-known enterprises have also offered "oliolibranches" to aspiring talents. There are a variety of job categories, not only biomedical, intelligent manufacturing, new materials and other scientific innovation positions, but also emerging e-commerce derivative positions, as well as subway station operator positions, which are popular among job seekers. The annual salary of electronic engineer, R&D project manager and senior manager is above 200,000 RMB.
In the live broadcast, the host, the enterprise representative and the staff of the public employment service department introduce the company and the job recruitment through the mode of "video, picture + oral broadcast" from the perspective of job demand, salary and welfare, enterprise development prospect and so on. The air, the national medicine group Shanghai medical instrument co., LTD., Shanghai can good electronic technology co., LTD., and other enterprises are thirsty, sent representatives to introduce the general job seekers to online of the specific conditions of the enterprise culture, and hiring, encourage lead job applicants to baoshan, also facilitate job seekers direct access to key information of each position.
Site, also in baoshan district talent center union in colleges and universities, talent introduction, talent apartment services are introduced, and the policy to guide the outstanding talent to treasure to employment, actively create a "to baoshan, flat" talent development, for accelerating the construction of baoshan kechuang center main position and to achieve "transformation of the north" provide a solid talent guarantee and intellectual support; Chief career guidance division, star career guidance division brought "help fly" career guidance cloud class, to bring job seekers, and to enterprises and job seekers to vigorously promote the promotion of "Shanghai public recruitment new platform", "Leye job fair" small procedures, to broaden the channels for enterprise recruitment and workers.
In the context of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, online recruitment has become an effective supply and demand platform for enterprises to recruit and workers to find jobs. From "weekly recruitment" and "daily recruitment" to "Recruitment for talents and Treasure", Baoshan District has constantly innovated the recruitment service mode to ensure the success of "Spring Breeze Action" and "Talent Recruitment Project".
The 2022 Spring Breeze Campaign was launched on Jan 21 and will last until the end of March. Baoshan will carry out a series of online and offline recruitment activities through platforms such as "Baoshan Employment", "Baoshan Talent", "Shanghai Baoshan", "Leye Shanghai" wechat platform, "Leye Job Fair" mini program and "Shanghai Public Recruitment New Platform". In addition, relying on baoshan University Talent Work Alliance and third-party recruitment platform, we will carry out spring recruitment activities for graduates of the 2022 "Talent Recruitment Project into Colleges and Universities" to build a good platform for enterprises and job seekers.
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