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Continue to expand the depth and breadth of opening up to the outside world

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Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone Lingang New Area: Continue to expand the depth and breadth of opening up to the outside world


  The Shanghai International Reinsurance Trading Center officially launched operations in the Lingang New Area of ​​the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone on October 26. The international reinsurance business platform was unveiled, 4 supporting rules were released, and 15 settled institutions signed contracts, marking a breakthrough in the construction of the institutional system of the international reinsurance functional area.

  The trading center focuses on cross-border reinsurance business, covering registration management, reinsurance transactions, international premium statistics, differentiated solvency factors, etc., helping to create an external environment with lower transaction risks, higher information transparency, and more concentrated transaction elements. Open window.

  On November 5, 2018, President Xi Jinping announced in his keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the first China International Import Expo that "a new area will be added to the China Shanghai Free Trade Pilot Zone."

  Since its listing on August 20, 2019, Lingang New Area has promoted a series of opening-up measures: the implementation of the "main zoning" system represented by the integrated supervision of "one company and two places" for Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing, the country's first wholly foreign-owned integrated The car manufacturing project - Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory was put into operation, and the country's first foreign-controlled joint venture financial management company - Huihua Financial Management, and the first financial technology company wholly owned by a multinational financial group - HSBC Jinke were established; the first to be allowed in the country Well-known overseas arbitration institutions have established business offices in the Lingang New Area and carried out foreign-related arbitration business... In 2020, Lingang's actual foreign investment was US$520 million, which will increase to US$2.04 billion in 2022.

  In order to improve the ability to allocate global factor resources, Lingang New Area has launched a pilot reform of high-level open foreign exchange management for cross-border trade and investment. Since its listing, the cumulative cross-border RMB settlement volume has exceeded 2 trillion yuan, and the cross-border foreign currency settlement volume has exceeded 40 billion US dollars. The first cross-border RMB settlement transaction of LNG (liquefied natural gas) between China and a member state of the Gulf Arab States Cooperation Council was implemented, and a new international trade public service platform - Cross-Border Connect was built. Build the "China Yangshan Port" international shipping port, ranking first in the country in terms of the number of registered ships on international routes. In 2022, Yangshan Port will complete container throughput of 23.92 million TEUs, accounting for 50.6% of Shanghai Port. Completed the country's first cross-border data flow security assessment in the field of intelligent connected vehicles. Build a new data infrastructure system with an internationally advanced level, open a dedicated channel for international data transmission, and build a high-level computing power center. Five international maritime optical cables and two maritime optical cable landing stations have been built. We are preparing to build a direct international maritime optical cable from Shanghai to Singapore to attract more data elements to flow to China.

  Lingang New Area continues to enhance its innovation sources and international innovation synergy capabilities. From November 6th to 8th, the 6th World Top Scientists Forum was held at the permanent site of the World Top Scientists Forum in Lingang New Area, Shanghai. More than 300 scientists from 25 countries and regions participated. In order to retain more talents, Lingang implements a work-type residence permit of up to 5 years for foreign talents, and grants a work permit of more than 2 years at a time to urgently needed talents. Relax the restrictions on the employment of high-end overseas talents in the modern service industry and form a positive list of registered practitioners and qualification examinations.

  In order to create a cutting-edge industrial cluster with international market competitiveness, the Lingang New Area gathers chain-main enterprises and attracts more than 200 supporting enterprises to settle there. In 2022, the output value of intelligent new energy vehicles will exceed 260 billion yuan. At the same time, the Lingang New Area has built the Dishui Lake AI Innovation Port, housing 150 artificial intelligence companies and more than 5,000 AI R&D personnel. Build a biomedical characteristic industrial park in Lingang and build a high-energy research hospital. To build an independent, controllable, safe and reliable domestic large aircraft industry cluster, the first independently developed domestic commercial large aircraft engine demonstrator was successfully ignited for the first time, and the domestic large aircraft C919 has started commercial passenger flights. On October 27, Lingang International Data Economy Industrial Park was officially unveiled. According to the plan, the International Data Economy Industrial Park will be built into a high-level international data cooperation bridgehead, a high-standard data cross-border system innovation pioneer area, a high-quality international data industry cluster and a new hub for high-level data circulation infrastructure.

  At present, the Lingang New Area has initially established a relatively mature institutional system for liberalization and facilitation of investment and trade, created a number of functional platforms with a higher degree of openness, and initially built an open industrial system with international market competitiveness. Lingang optimizes the level of government services and centralizes the execution of 1,215 urban and municipal administrative matters. Establish a registration confirmation system, shortening the time for enterprise registration and registration by 75%; carry out "joint processing of certificates and licenses" to achieve one-time processing of enterprise admission and operation.

  Since its listing, the economic strength and total economic volume of the Lingang New Area have increased significantly, and 102 breakthrough innovation cases have been formed; a total of nearly 500 cutting-edge technology industry projects have been signed, involving a total investment of more than 600 billion yuan. From January to June 2023, the total output value of Lingang's industrial enterprises above designated size increased by 52.6% year-on-year, fixed asset investment in the whole society increased by 57.2% year-on-year, and tax revenue increased by 47.5% year-on-year.

(Editor: Yang Miao)
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