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Why Shanghai residents call hotline on New Year's Day?

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Why did Shanghai residents call "12345" at around 2 am on the first day of the Chinese New Year?


At 2:14 am on New Year's Eve, Lu Weiying, a telephone operator at Shanghai's 12345 citizen service hotline, received a heartwarming call. The caller was Wei Zixuan, a citizen who called late at night not for urgent help, but to say "I wish you a happy New Year". During the call, he also thanked the operators of "12345" for their high efficiency.
Wei zixuan was already in his hometown in Gansu province when he was contacted at 3 PM on the first day of the lunar New Year. He recalled dialing "12345" in the early hours of the morning after getting into a taxi to the Putuo District Central Hospital. He had to go to the hospital for a nucleic acid test, then pack his bags overnight and head to the airport for a 7 a.m. flight back to his hometown in Gansu province. Shortly before making the call, he clicked on his phone and saw that his application code was still red. "I was so worried that I almost gave up hope and planned to refund my ticket, but 12345 helped me solve the big problem in time."
Go back in time. On January 17 this year, Wei Zixuan was judged to be a sub-contact of a confirmed case, and was placed in intensive quarantine for 14 days. The quarantine period began at midnight on January 18 and ended at midnight on February 1. Eager to return home, he bought an air ticket at 7 a.m. on the first day of the New Year and planned to return home as soon as the quarantine was over. Unexpectedly, on the first day of the year, he found that his code did not turn green from red for the first time. "If I can't change back to green immediately, I can't go back to Gansu." After waiting for half an hour and still not seeing green, he called the first "12345" number for help at 12:39 am.
In the internal process of "12345", if the application code fails to change from red to green in time, it is classified as an "emergency work order", which will not only be immediately transferred to Shanghai Big Data Center for processing, but also has a special requirement that it must be completed within two hours. There are a lot of similar calls during the Spring Festival. "12345" is equipped with enough operators on duty during holidays to ensure that Wei zixuan's call will be dealt with by the "emergency team" in the first time. Every few minutes, Wei zixuan would call again to inquire about the progress, and the operators urged him to wait patiently while recording the request. At 1:55 in the morning, the good news came that his application code had finally returned to normal and he could go to the hospital for nucleic acid testing...
Sitting in a taxi, a somewhat shaken Wei Zixuan took the initiative to share this experience with the driver. He says that despite being in Shanghai for eight years, he is still sometimes moved by the city's efficiency. He then picked up his cell phone and made the call described at the beginning of this article.
Lu weiying told reporters that Wei's call was the first blessing she received in the year of the Tiger. As a telephone operator, she has been dedicated to record, timely transmission, hope that every answer can live up to the citizens of a thank you. The public's call to thank and praise the operators for their hard work 24 hours a year and recognition of the "12345" platform.
Shencheng's "12345" is getting the approbate of the citizen ceaselessly. Reporters learned from "12345" that the hotline received more than 14,000 similar praise and thanks in 2021. Behind these recognition, there are all functional departments of the city of Shencheng grass-roots front-line staff to do their best to adhere to the long-term. These stories with love and human touch are a reflection of the warmth of this people's city.
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