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Shanghai received 10.9836 million tourists during the Spring Festival holiday

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During the Spring Festival holiday, Shanghai received 10.9836 million tourists, with a revenue of 17.721 billion yuan


According to Shanghai tourism big data monitoring, the city received 10.9836 million tourists during the Spring Festival holiday, realizing tourism revenue of 17.721 billion yuan.
During the Spring Festival, Shanghai will highlight "high quality, Shanghai style and Lunar New Year flavor". With "streets + INTANGIBLE cultural heritage", "ancient towns + Intangible cultural heritage", "business districts + Intangible cultural heritage" and "scenic spots + Intangible cultural heritage" as the main scenes, nearly 500 Cultural tourism activities will be planned and launched in Shanghai.
Fengjing town of Jinshan, Luodian town of Baoshan, Nanxiang town of Jiading and Zhouqiao Old Street water town create an atmosphere of "Celebrating the New Year of ancient Towns" by displaying characteristic projects of intangible cultural heritage; Yuyuan Garden Mall launched "Old Taste of Shanghai, New Experience of Intangible Cultural Heritage" new Spring lantern color interpretation of intangible cultural heritage theme; Minhang Xinzhuang planned the intangible cultural Heritage Lantern Festival, guessing lantern riddles, tasting intangible cultural heritage food and other activities around the New Year of the Tiger.
In addition, the Shanghai World Expo Cultural Park, Shanghai Happy Valley Festival, Shanghai World, Shanghai Art Museum and cultural venues have launched a variety of traditional Chinese New Year activities, creating a strong atmosphere of the Year of the Tiger, to attract citizens to wander around the streets, ancient towns and country parks, to experience the charm and folk customs of Shanghai.
Huangpu, Changning, Putuo, Hongkou, Jing 'an and other districts have launched Shanghai Style urban archaeological routes for the market, centering on high-quality ecological space, cultural space and public space, showing the unique charm of Shanghai Style Spring Festival folk culture.
During the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, a large number of public tourists celebrate the Spring Festival locally. The "Hotel Spring Festival tide" dominated by local consumers is rising day by day, becoming a new fashion to celebrate the holiday. Jinjiang Group, Shanghai Airlines Travel Group, Spring Festival Travel Shanghai 81 enterprises launched 205 kinds of family reunion dinner, New Year's Eve dinner packages or special items, the quality of time-honored brands and intimate service to meet the needs of citizens to taste delicious food.
According to statistics, the average room rental rate of the city's guest hotels during the Spring Festival holiday reached 40%, up 5 percentage points year-on-year.








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Shanghai! Good for you!
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